30% off for ANY treatment – big or small – it’s SAVE on ALL!

In these unique and uncertain times we all dream about having favorite coffee at our local coffee shop, going shopping with our friends, having beautiful hair and nails again. Pampering our skin and body is on the dream list too!  At European Facials & Company we would like to offer you an opportunity to SAVE …


Beauty will save the world! Or Online shopping and free delivery will save your sanity!

I’m sure in the last few weeks of isolation we all went through a roller coaster of different emotions. Trying to keep sanity, routing, homeschooling kids, not knowing what is in front of us and for how long…  We are all doing our best now – creating new routines, keeping old friendships, learning how to …


We have officially closed our doors today

The Government of Canada recommends social distancing as an important strategy for mitigating the spread of coronavirus. Because our services require us to be close to and in contact with all guests, the risk to you and our team is too high to ignore. ⁠ The safety of our clients is number one priority for …