Hair growth

Hair loss has been an issue for many. Beginning stages of alopecia can be supported by Hair Growth treatments. We use high quality professional products during our treatments. based on peptide biochemistry that offers a new beginning in hair restoration technology for both men and women.

We use derma stamp with very fine needles to produce many microscopic channels in the scalp. These channels significantly improve the penetration of therapeutic active ingredients as well as multi-peptides, vitamins and any other liposomal serums. Treatment will be performed in two stages and the product left on your skin for 24 hours for full penetration. You may experience redness and irritation due to microchannels formed but those will be gone away in 2-5 hours.

The results of Hair Growth course of treatments many of our clients are experiencing:

  • Rejuvenates the scalp & repairs and strengthens hair at the root
  • Targets the main causes of alopecia
  • Stimulates cell communication and metabolism so that hair follicle anti-aging is promoted, anchoring molecules are stimulated, hair growth is supported, and premature hair loss is slowed
  • Lessens production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) to improve the irrigation of hair follicles
  • Causes vasodilation (widening of blood vessels) to increase circulation and directly stimulate hair follicles to pass into the active growth phase

Please note that 4-10 treatments may require.
* Packages of 4 – 10% off
* Packages of 8+ – 20 % off