3D Brow Microblading


Micro-blading is semi-permanent pigment that’s pushed into the surface of the skin with a fine blade to mimic the growth of your already existing hair and create bolder, natural-looking brows. Microblading is a 2 step process, usually 4-6 weeks apart. It is important to complete both the initial procedure and touch up. Together we design a brow which is totally bespoke to you – your colour will be mixed from the highest quality pigments just for you. We design the best shape that suits your face and makes people say “wow! your brows are amazing!”.
Annual and Semiannual touch ups are recommended to maintain the best shape and colour. Brows on point are no longer a dream but a natural looking addition to your beauty.

3D Brow Microblading
Annual touch up


Great way to maintain natural looking brows is doing annual touch ups.

3D Brow Microblading
Semiannual touch up


Great way to maintain natural looking brows is doing semiannual touch ups.

Brow threading


Brow threading involves a thin thread being rolled over the skin to pull unwanted hairs out at the follicle. It’s a method that has been around for centuries and allows for a more defined and precise shape and can create better definition for eyebrows. It is also used as a method of removing unwanted hair on the entire face and upper lip area.

Laser PMU removal


Do you still have BFF Unicorns on your shoulder or ex’s name on your heart? Or maybe permanent makeup went wrong?
Luckily there is safe laser pigment removal with ND Yag Laser. We take care of Cosmetic Tattoo removal for PMU Brows as well as any regular tattoo on the body.. We can fade or remove tattoos faster & better with ND Yag laser! cosmetic ink removal.
Please book our complimentary consultation to determine length and price of the appointments. Course of 3 to 8 treatments may require.