Anti Acne PROMO

Last few months were challenging not just for our economy and our psychological well being but for our skin as well.

  Skin is not just the largest organ of our buddies but also the biggest indicator of our stress level and food intake. I don’t know about you , but I had few worries going on and I tried to make it better with some takeout, ice cream and chocolate. And of course my face didn’t say thank you ;-). 

I received many cries for help emails about break outs, conjugation, rashes and acne outbreaks over the last few weeks. That’s why I decided to do Acne Facial pre – sale while we are waiting for the stage to relaunch of our businesses.

You will get One Free Organic Phyt’s Anti Acne Facial with the purchase of our special post Corona package that includes :

Regular Facial (deep extractions)

Carboxy Facial (advances treatment)

Carbon Laser peel (healing and  resurfacing). 

If you act quick and place your order till June 19th we will also throw in a free dermaplaning session! 

Follow the link below and take advantage of this rare opportunity to Heal your skin after a few months of neglect and despair!

Total value of all treatments included in this package $720 and you can get it all for only $465! And you have a whole year to use it! 

We have never done such an incredible and unique value package before and may not do it again! So proceed to our online store and choose ANTI ACNE PACKAGE. The offer will be active only till June 19th! 


Looking forward to help you with all the post quarantine needs! 


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