30% off for ANY treatment – big or small – it’s SAVE on ALL!

In these unique and uncertain times we all dream about having favorite coffee at our local coffee shop, going shopping with our friends, having beautiful hair and nails again. Pampering our skin and body is on the dream list too! 

At European Facials & Company we would like to offer you an opportunity to SAVE big time while waiting for personal services to operate again. All of our treatments, and we mean ALL, are 30% off for the next 2 weeks!

 Whatever it’s your to go session (Collagen Induction Therapy or Body Sculpting) or maybe you always wanted to try something new (like Carbon Laser Peel or Hair Growth Treatment) or you simply want to purchase it now and use it when the perfect time comes (Laser Hair removal or chemical peels are the ones  that have a certain season to be performed best) NOW  is the BEST time to SAVE!

Please follow the link and enjoy 30% off till the end of April!


Love you all! And when it’s all over – great skin will happen by appointment again!

Julia Kyle

European Facials & Company 

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