Beauty will save the world! Or Online shopping and free delivery will save your sanity!

I’m sure in the last few weeks of isolation we all went through a roller coaster of different emotions. Trying to keep sanity, routing, homeschooling kids, not knowing what is in front of us and for how long…  We are all doing our best now – creating new routines, keeping old friendships, learning how to occupy our minds and bodies. 

 Few things I miss more than others. I sure miss working with my clients! Miss helping women and men to look and feel their best. Miss first consultations and then long term friendships with my amazing clients! All of you were there for me for so many years and I truly miss being with you too! I know one day it will all be over and we once again see each other ..and not just on zoom!

And even though I can’t help you now with your favorite treatments and our meetings are put on pause, I still would love to help you with your favorite products! I just created an online store for my clients, where you can purchase any of Anna Lotan Pro products that are available at European Facials & Company and it will be delivered to your door for free straight from head office in Toronto for FREE!

Follow the link below and enjoy creams, serums, masks and more we all love so much!

Love you all! And remember Beauty will save the world! And when it’s all over – great skin will happen by appointment again!

European Facials & Company 

Julia Kyle

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