We have officially closed our doors today

The Government of Canada recommends social distancing as an important strategy for mitigating the spread of coronavirus. Because our services require us to be close to and in contact with all guests, the risk to you and our team is too high to ignore. ⁠ The safety of our clients is number one priority for us. 

To all of our clients that have an appointment already, we will be contacting you to reschedule!

We also want to thank you for being so understanding and kind during this time.

Closing European Facials & Company probably one of the hardest things we had to do in the last few years. As a small business owner, to close your doors for two week or more can be really scary and sad, to be honest. Of course we want to make sure everyone is safe and healthy, that is why we closed, but that doesn’t change the fact that we  still have responsibilities and fears, for example, we worry our clients won’t come back, or we can’t pay rent for our location and have no plan for future development of the events. While this decision was a difficult one, we feel it is the most responsible action European Facials & Company can take to ensure we are making the health and wellness of clients, visitors, our friends and the broader Calgary community, our top priority.

So we just want to encourage everyone during this time, to be considerate, kind and loving to one another. If you work for someone, give them grace and try to understand the position they are in, if you are an employer, put yourself in your employees position and understand they are afraid as well. If you are a client to a business, be kind  when we have to make changes. 

We will try my best to give back to our community during this time. We are figuring out at the moment how we can deliver products to our clients, so you are never run out of your favourite Anna Lotan cream, how we can teach you best home care trick and tips while yo0u can’t enjoy professional treatments, what else can we do so all of our clients and our friends don’t feel lost and isolated in this difficult times.  Our passion always was and always will be to make women beautiful . We will find the way to help you in the next few weeks or months, while the world is going through a challenging era. 

Love you all so much and let’s stay in this together!

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